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whale swimming, whale watching, whales

Whale Watching/Swimming


Allan Bowe the designer of Mounu Island pioneered whale swimming in the Kingdom in 1993.  His passion for Whales and their wellbeing has been carried on by his daughters.
A truly magical life changing experience done with consideration to the whales and by abiding with the regulations of Tonga.  Trips operate from July until the end of October.  With Humpback Whales arriving from Antarctica to mate and calf in the warm waters of Vava’u and Mounu which overlooks these magical grounds often you will see whales 50m away from the Island.




There are a couple of PADI dive operators in the local Neiafu township that are available to take you out for diving or you can join a resort course.

kiteboarding, kiting, kitesurfing, foiling, windsports

Kiting Winging Foiling


The Southern shallow lagoon at Mounu is perfect for learning new kiteboarding tricks whilst the deep waters are perfect for foiling and winging.  Traditional trade winds blow from April till November SE to E direction.  These directions have changed in the last few years and it's best to contact the owners for up-to-date info on winds.

snorkel, coral, fish, clear water

Snorkelling at Mounu

The back reef is a carpet of hard corals, teeming with fish life of various sizes.  Easy to access at low tide by walking across sand in the shallow waters or by high tide via a quick boat ride.  The back reef is also a blind channel where the whales will come in to rest and more often than not you will hear the whales singing during Whale Season.

snorkelling swallows cave, snorkel

Snorkelling in Vava’u

Ana Peka Peka Cave (Swallows Cave) and Mariners Cave are a close distance from Mounu.  The prior is an easy swim for everyone, the latter a bit more of a challenge, but both are stunning and majestic experiences.
Coral gardens and other local dive and snorkel sites with huge rock formations are easily accessible from Mounu

bird watching

Bird Watching

During summer months guests can take a tour to Mananita the southernmost Island in the Vava’u group to visit the nesting sea birds.
Whilst there we remove any rubbish from the Island and provide bird count estimates, turtle nesting sightings, etc to the local agency VEPA


tongan car

Island Visits


Trips to close by villages can be arranged to see how sustenance living still exists, join the Sunday Church service and have a traditional feast with the locals.  Group trips to the deserted Southern Islands to clean up and keep Vava’u beautiful have always been part of the Mounu program.  A chance to give a little back to the environment.
Trips to Neiafu can also be arranged to visit the local market, buy local handicrafts, visit stores, or take a guided tour of the historical landmarks and lookouts in stunning Vava’u.

dark sky tourism, star gazing

Star Gazing


With next to no light pollution viewing of stars is a must.  Always a fun evening with the bonfire burning, sharing stories, and watching for shooting stars.  At certain times of the year, the Meteor showers are spectacular as with full eclipses of the Moon.




Big game fishing especially for Blue Marlin is very popular in Vava’u.  There are a number of vessels that can take you out to tag and release the fish of your dreams.  Wahoo, MahiMahi, Tuna, and Marlin are all caught in the rich waters.
Jigging trips over several days can be organised outside of Whale Season and by special request.  Ocean to table is a speciality our chefs love to be able to share with the guests.

basket weaving, tongan cultural experience



Sunday weaving classes, learn how to weave a coconut basket that can be donated to the local market to reduce the plastic bag waste.

fine dining experience, locally sourced produce, food made with love

Dining Experience


Garden to Table, Ocean to Table.  Serving the best of local organic produce and putting a modern twist on some of the traditional local ingredients.
Nourishing, balanced meals made with love.  Everything is made on site from breads, cakes, sauces and desserts

yoga deck, watersports shed

Yoga Deck/Water Sports Shed


Ample deck space for yoga/stretching and an area for storing kites/boards etc.  The deck is also a great place to dry kites out and sits nicely outside of the wind zone.

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